Transsensual - Roleplay with Dr. Kisses - Casey Kisses, Pierce Paris

Duration: 28min 27sec Views: 9 540 Submitted: 4 years ago
Description: Watch Transsensual model Casey Kisses playing a doctor in this hot roleplay video. After his recent experience, Pierce Paris decides to go see a specialist. He has an appointment with Dr. Kisses. She sits and listens to him complaining about women and she decides to play a little game with him. She asks Pierce, to play himself and she will play his girlfriend. Pierce, is hesitant at first but accepts. Unfortunately for him, the game doesn’t turn out the way he was expected and he gets quickly uncomfortable and wants to stop the game. Dr. Kisses take full control of the game and of Pierce and persuades him to quickly change is mind.
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Models: Casey Kisses
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