TransFixed - Catered Affair - Khloe Kay, Jane Wilde

Duration: 6min 15sec Views: 144 375 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Two caterers, Khloe Kay and Jane Wilde arrive at a private home for the first day of work. As they wait outside to be let in, they make idle conversation, although there's no missing the instant chemistry between them. Every shy look exchanged between them seems to spark something inside... but they are soon interrupted by their boss, who is furious about them having not let themselves in. Once inside, Khloe and Jane, after getting a good tongue-lashing by their boss, start to unpack the dishes for the party. As they do, they keep chatting with each other, though start to get flirtier and flirtier. Jane especially starts to get bold as she lightly probes Khloe to find out if she's into girls. Khloe is pleased as she says that she is and they can't resist getting even closer. Again, their closeness is short-lived as the boss returns. As the boss berates them for seemingly doing nothing, Khloe and Jane try to keep a straight face while standing behind a counter. However, the boss doesn't see them lightly caressing each other just out of view. Finally, when the boss leaves again, the two daring women decide to give into temptation and have a very special party of their own.
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