Devils TGirls - OnlyTrans - Jenna Creed & Nicole Korsakova

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Description: Nicole Korsakova enters her living room and is surprised to find a stranger, Jenna Creed, resting on her couch. Jenna explains that she and her friends met Nicole's roommate Simon at a party last night, and then they all came back here because her friends wanted to have sex with Simon. But Jenna's not into guys, so she decided to crash on the couch while waiting for her friends. Now intrigued, Nicole asks Jenna if she's not into guys, what is she into? Jenna smiles and says she's into chicks, lifting her skirt to show that her pretty cock is already hard for Nicole. She invites Nicole to sit next to her, and Nicole strokes Jenna's cock and kisses her. Then Nicole starts giving Jenna a blowjob, and lifts her own skirt so that Jenna can touch her pretty cock, too. Nicole might have missed the party, but it looks like she's going to have lots of fun anyway!
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