Cum Gluttons Angelina Please and Jade Venus Crave a Taste

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Description: Angelina Please is cuddling in bed with her girlfriend, Sophia Grace, when they start talking dirty. Sophia soon gets on the topic of cum, admitting that while she likes it when Angelina cums in her pussy, she doesn't miss getting cumshots anywhere else. She DEFINITELY doesn't miss the TASTE of it. But as Sophia puts cumshots down, Angelina is curious and a little envious because SHE never got to experience cumshots being given to HER. Even so, Sophia assures her that she's not really missing much.Once they end the topic and settle in for the night, Angelina's mind won't stop racing... The next day, while Sophia is out of the house, Angelina sneaks a friend, Jade Venus, inside. Jade is trans like her and Angelina figures this can be her chance to finally taste cum for herself. As far as she's concerned, it's a victimless crime since it's only going to be a one-time thing. Angelina and Jade soon hotly press their bodies close together, caressing and undressing each other. Once they tumble into bed, it's a dream come true for Angelina as she gets to marvel over Jade's cock. Although they take turns pleasing each other, Angelina wants everything she can get, craving the taste of cum on her tongue for the first time. Once she finally gets what she wants, she's in heaven. But is this truly only going to be a one-time thing?
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