Adulttime - Ariel Demure You Taught Me to Love

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Description: Dante Colle, a star high school athlete, has been benched due to poor grades. In order to get him back on the field, the faculty has placed him in an after-school tutoring program with Ariel Demure, an out trans woman and biology teacher. At first, Dante resists the tutelage, but Ariel is persistent and patient. She slowly makes progress with Dante, to the point where Dante grows more and more excited by the encounters. One day, Dante meets Ariel for one of their sessions. They exchange pleasant smalltalk over the progress they've made and get to work. At one point, Dante asks to borrow a pen and they share a fleeting glance of arousal as their hands touch. As Dante studies, he can't help notice Ariel's beautiful figure and it's clear he's grown tremendously attracted to her. Dante can't help but open up to Ariel about his feelings for her. This whole experience has been transformational for him as a person, but most of all, he's begun to see Ariel for what she is: a kind, loving person with so much to give. Dante reveals that he is deeply in love with her. Ariel is taken-aback, there would be so much at risk for them if they were to give in to their lust. There are many people out there who wouldn't understand, Ariel says. But Dante doesn't care. He rises and comes close to her, ramping up the sexual tension that is almost impossible to ignore. It's risky. They might get caught any second, but they can't help it anymore. They kiss and undress, teaching each other exactly how deep their love can go with sensual, passionate after-school sex.
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